Normally, when light bounces off Pacific Blue Paua the returning light is blue-green, with other hues less  common but many variations possible. So you might visualise that as follows -
















But what happens when you establish just the right geometry is that the light then bounces off one face of the shell, which 'cuts' the light, and then off another, which then 'cuts' it again. And the result might be visualised like this -



















The resulting 'flash' out of the central axis only is then of a colour that does not exists in either of the shells in isolation, and that colour can be subtle at times, or very bright indeed.
























In many different fields of understanding this kind of effect is known as an 'emergent phenomenon', and is widely appreciated as one of the most interesting and amazing facts of nature as a whole.


Almost all the best things in life are emergent phenomena - like rainbows, or a murmuration of starlings. Life may itself be an emergent phenomena it seems, with many of the best and most precious elements being similarly both fragile and extremely beautiful.


A secret from the depths of the wild pacific ocean - this is the elusive spirit we seek to embody in every PAUA PRISM pendant.


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*The shell in this pendant was actually pinkish-mauve.



*colours not adjusted